Black Production (Peru), Gate of Horror Records (Peru), Vampiria Records (Brazil), Cursed Messiah Production (Brazil), Impaled Records (Brazil), Manitu Records (Colombia), Pecatta Mortali Production (Chile), Proselytism Production (Chile), Furia Productions (Bolivia), Witchcraft Records (Mexico), Over Flesh Records (Argentina), American Line Productions (Mexico), Satanic Records (Mexico), Destruction Army Productions (Bolivia), Onslaugth Records (Mexico), Black Saw Records (México), Serpents God Records (Costa Rica), Visceral Vomit Records (Costa Rica), Oniric Records (España), Legion of Death Records (Francia), Ketzer Records (Alemania), Neuralgia Records (España), Iron Bonehead Productions (Alemania), Ars Funebris Records (Francia), Necromancer Records (Alemania), Nuclear War Now Production (Usa), Warhemic Production (Usa), Lucifer War Lord Records (Usa), Old Cementery Records (Usa), Sabbathid Records (Japón), Black Vomit Records (Grecia), Salute Records (Suecia), Sick Chainsaws Productions (Tailandia), Roots Active Productions (Tailandia), Kvlt 666 Production (Malasia), Time Before Time Records (Polonia), Old Goat Corpse Production (Malasia), Necrogoat Heresy Production (Portugal), Forbidden Records (Usa), Death Worm Records (Finlandia), Uku Pacha Distro (Italia), Final Embrace Records (España),  Metallatria Records (Malasia), Dead Center Productions (Ucrania), Omeyocan Productions (Mexico), Satan Majestic Empire Productions (Chile), Suicide Taste Productions (Slovaquia)